Choosing the right allied health professional for your child

If you have been searching for a perfect fit for your child’s allied health professional and you are getting frustrated, […]


If you have been searching for a perfect fit for your child’s allied health professional and you are getting frustrated, you aren’t alone. Unfortunately, choosing the right allied health professional is not as straightforward as it may seem. We understand.

There are many different outcomes to consider. Such as – does this person align with my child’s goals? And how do I know which allied health professional is suitable for their care needs? Will they show me how I can help at home?

When you have done your research, and settled on an allied health service that is right for you, whether it be occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech pathology or more – don’t be afraid to ask them questions such as:

  1. Do you have a plan of how we are going to accomplish their goals?

  2. How much time do you think you will need until we start seeing improvements?

  3. How much will my treatment cost?

  4. What are your qualifications?

What allied health professional aligns with your goals?

With little ones, we understand there can be a lot of crossovers of services in paediatrics. A couple of the most utilised allied health professionals within paediatrics are Physiotherapy (PT), Occupational Therapy (OT), and Speech Pathology (SLP).

Firstly, physiotherapy (PT) services build your child gross motor skills. These include walking, running, jumping and balancing. In addition, some programs can be accommodated to assist with musculoskeletal development through to biomechanics developments.

Secondly, occupational therapy (OT) encompasses children’s fine motors skills such as eating, dressing, and bathing. On top of this, OT also includes your child’s sensory regulation and routine. These developments are so critical to the early development of their lives.

Finally, speech-language therapy (SLP) assists children with speech production and communication. This can range from non-verbal through to speech impediments.

Here at Upside Kids Physio, we provide specialised services in paediatric physiotherapy with evidence-based therapy for children from 0 up to 18 years.

Our specialist physiotherapy services include children’s development from 0, gross motor skills. The programs gross motor skill development program includes walking, running, jumping and balancing (whilst having a fun and safe learning environment).

We understand how important it is for your child to reach their goals. So, we make sure to tailor our programs to assist with your goals specifically. Our services can assist NDIS funded participants who are plan managed or self-managed. With assistance provided through “capacity building” to “improved daily living”.

Or feel free to give us a bell if you are covered by private health insurance or via a GP referral for a more accurate understanding.

Our services are available in places that work best for you. For example, our physiotherapist can visit you from the comfort of your own home or at our practice. This allows your child to be treated in their everyday environment. Incorporating their personalised goals, strategies and techniques in their environment allow for a more manageable implementation plan.

Note: Travel charges do apply; please discuss this with the physiotherapist before your first appointment.

For more information and an accurate goal building session, please reach out to Britt on 07 2112 9300 or email us at

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