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Our experienced team here at Upside are continually undertaking new educational and skill building courses to provide your little ones with the most current and beneficial treatments on offer. Additional therapy options including CME Therapy, Telehealth Consultations, Serial Casting and more are available now!


CME Therapy

Our director and senior physiotherapist Britt and our senior physiotherapist Chelsea have undergone their CME training and can now offer CME therapy in physiotherapy sessions.

CME (Cuevas Medek Exercise) is a psychomotor form of physical therapy for infants and children who are experiencing delayed motor development. This delay stems from impairment impacting the child’s central nervous system.

CME can be applied to children from the age of 3 months.

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Autism Swim Provider

We are now an Autism Swim provider!

“As an Autism Swim provider, I now have detailed knowledge about supporting people with Autism in aquatic environments. This course highlighted water safety techniques, communication and behaviour strategies, sensory needs and much more. The past few weeks have deepened my understanding of autism and have allowed me to implement the knowledge learned in my clinic based sessions as well. I have already been able to apply techniques with many of my current clients and look forward to specialising in these in the aquatic environment. I believe that the water is a very useful tool for therapy, learning water safety and developing swimming skills, I look forward to being able to share my newfound knowledge with our community!” – Brit P


Orthotic Management

At Upside Kids we pride ourselves on the continuum of care – by understanding each child’s overall goals and management we are able to best support them. We work with local orthotist teams OAPL and InMotion Orthotics for all our orthotic needs. Having trained under Elaine Owens in the OSKAR approach we enjoy working collaboratively with your child’s team.


Body Orthoses

We work closely with Australian suppliers for Dynamic Movement Orthoses (DMO) Korthotics. We also work with Milestones Therapy who supply various off the shelf Orthoses to help your child. Some of these include TurtleBrace where we can conveniently fit these in the clinic.


Equipment (Assistive Technology)

It can be confusing and overwhelming choosing the right equipment for your child. Our team of Physiotherapists have genuine experience trialling and prescribing all types of assistive technology related to your Physiotherapy goals. This includes complex seating, gait trainers/ walker, wheelchairs (power and manual), floor hoist systems and shower chairs. We work alongside providers Special Needs Solutions (Think Mobility), Astris PME, Advanced Mobility, AidaCare and more.


Equipment Loan Pool

We are fortunate to have some common pieces of equipment available to loan to our clients while they might be waiting for approval and/ or delivery – this is important to us so we don’t miss any opportunity for our clients to develop. Some of the item available are ; manual wheelchair (T lite twist), manual floor hoist and slings, Rifton Pacer walker, high chairs, beach accessible wheelchair and our pool is growing!


Specialist Teams

Having worked exclusively on the Gold Coast, our team of Physiotherapists have a genuine connection with local Paediatric specialist teams including the Queensland Children’s Hospital (QCH), the rehabilitation service (QPRS) and the orthopaedic teams.


Additional in clinic equipment & support

Our state of the art gym space is equipped with additional equipment and supports for use during therapy. We currently have a mobile floor hoist available as well as a LiteGait treadmill and harness system. LiteGait therapy allows us to engage clients safely in progressively challenging functional activities.

The LiteGait system is designed to let body weight support be directed specifically where it is needed while facilitating normal weight bearing where appropriate. Therapy using the LiteGait system can benefit clients with lower extremity pain, lower extremity and trunk weakness, weight-bearing restrictions or amputation, diminished cardiopulmonary function, and poor activity tolerance.

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