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Welcome to our treasure trove of free resources, carefully curated to support your child’s journey toward better health and well-being. At Upside Kids, we believe in the power of knowledge and accessibility, which is why we’ve compiled a collection of informative articles, handy guides, and helpful tips covering a wide range of topics related to physiotherapy, wellness, and more. Whether you’re seeking insights into managing specific areas of concern, tips for staying active, or guidance on promoting your child’s development, our free resources are here to provide valuable information at your fingertips!

The Ultimate Obstacle Course 2

The Ultimate Obstacle Course!

Are you ready to turn your living room into an adventure zone? Our Ultimate Home Obstacle Course is here to keep your little ones active, engaged, and having a blast right at home!

Designed with creativity and fun in mind, this course transforms everyday objects into exciting challenges. From pillow forts to hopscotch, crawling tunnels, and more, it’s a fantastic way to keep kids moving, boost their creativity, and create unforgettable family memories. Get ready to cheer on their inner explorers as they conquer each obstacle and stay active while having a blast. Let the adventure begin!

Physical Activities To Do At Home

Physical Activities to Do at Home

Discover an array of captivating home activities perfect for play and learning! Our curated collection is designed to engage young minds and nurture growth and development. From creative arts and crafts to fascinating science experiments, these activities offer both entertainment and educational value. More than just fun, they provide exceptional bonding opportunities for families, whether you need ideas for a rainy day or want to infuse daily routines with excitement. Dive in and embark on a journey filled with laughter, discovery, and cherished family memories.

Choosing Footwear For Your Child

What Should I Look For In My Child's Shoes?

When it comes to your child’s shoes, it’s important to consider your options. You want to ensure that your toddler’s feet are properly supported and protected as they begin to explore the world around them. Some key things to consider when choosing your shoes for your toddler include the fit & the material.

The fit of the shoes is crucial. The shoes should be snug but not tight and should have enough room for your toddler’s feet to move and grow. The shoes should also have a stable sole that is flexible across the toes. The material of the shoes should be breathable and lightweight to allow your toddler’s feet to stay cool and dry. Leather or canvas are good choices.

It’s also important to note that babies and toddlers should be barefoot as much as possible, so shoes should be worn only when necessary. If you have concerns about your child’s feet or footwear, a paediatric physiotherapist can complete a thorough assessment and gait analysis to better understand your child and make specific recommendations to support their growth and development.

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