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Here at Upside, we are a service provider located on the Gold Coast that offers Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology services […]

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Here at Upside, we are a service provider located on the Gold Coast that offers Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology services to participants aged 0-18. We recognise the benefit of services being targeted at this age group of individuals with practitioners who have an in-depth understanding of development in children and are able to provide the best possible services, including our sports development programs.

Our team realises the benefits of group-based therapy sessions and has recently commenced a Sports Development Program alongside our School Holiday Kamps. These programs are designed to target multiple NDIS goals of our participants in the one session. We have had an outstanding response from participants in these sessions who have enjoyed the change to regular therapy and noticed considerable improvements in all target areas.

The Sports Development program was designed to encourage children to participate in a variety of sports and give them the opportunity to develop these skills in an environment that is adapted to support their extra needs. The benefits of running a group class program include the development of physical skills as well as enhancing social, emotional and cognitive skills. The program was delivered to a small group and lasted for four weeks, with one session per week, each with a focus on a different sport. Throughout the program, children learned the foundations of the sport and how to use these skills in a game-based setting. All children saw improvements in every aspect, had a fantastic time and are very excited for the next program.

Our School Holiday Kamps are a perfect way to develop skills in a certain area. Similar to the Sports Development Program, these Kamps are group-based and encompass multiple NDIS goals throughout the session. These sessions are a perfect way to mix up regular therapy throughout school holiday blocks and encourage further engagement when returning to regular therapy. We offer a range of programs, so there is something of interest for every child. Some previous programs have been delivered include bike riding workshops, water programs (raising awareness, confidence and skill in the water), and sports days (soccer, athletics).

Our clinic prides itself on enhancing physical literacy in children in a fun and engaging manner, reinforcing basic concepts to develop strong motor patterns and increasing confidence for all. Our group-based programs have been the perfect extension for helping our participants with these components. We look forward to continuing to offer these services to many kids and witnessing the great benefits that can be achieved. 

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