What Types of Services Does Upside Kids Physio & Health Offer?

“I offer a full service physiotherapy business in order to meet the needs of my clients,” Britt Brymer. One of […]

“I offer a full service physiotherapy business in order to meet the needs of my clients,” Britt Brymer.

One of the things that sets Upside Kids Physio & Health apart from other physiotherapies out there for kids, is that they offer a full service of physiotherapy so clients can feel comfortable with a continuum of care no matter what their needs are.

Britt prides herself and her business in child-centred practice and working closely with families to get the best outcomes they can get.

What does full service physiotherapy mean?

Full service physiotherapy means that it includes different types of services, which not everyone provides. Upside Kids Physio isn’t limited to only one type of service.

The broad range of services Upside Kids Physio offers includes (but is not limited to) the following:

  • Clinic therapy sessions (in Ashmore)
  • At home therapy sessions (mobile physio services)
  • At daycare or school therapy sessions
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Assistive technology trials
  • Serial Casting
  • Intensive programs
  • Community programs

How do we know which services we will need?

Britt, along with her team, are passionate about making the physiotherapy sessions work for each child and their family.

Firstly, you need to think about what you’d ultimately like to achieve. For instance, what are your child’s goals and what does your schedule currently look like?

Depending on your needs, and your child’s NDIS plan, Britt can discuss everything openly with you from the beginning and make sure you create a schedule of services that suits you.

Whether you’re needing equipment or assistive technology, or just need your therapist to come to you at home every week with their own equipment, Britt and her team have the knowledge, contacts and resources to try to make it all work for you.

Will the daycare or school allow the Upside Kids Physio staff to visit a student? 

Before anything is set in stone, it is always best to discuss the options and opportunities for having your child’s therapists see them at their daycare or school with the teacher or person in charge at the school.

The majority of schools or daycares do not have a problem with it but might want to choose a certain time or day that does not conflict with other school activities or programs that can’t be disrupted.

Once the daycare or school has given the okay, then you can have a chat with Britt and her team at Upside Kids Physio to work out a schedule that works.

It makes a lot of sense to do your child’s therapy at their school because:

  1. They spend a lot of time at school so there’s less time outside of school hours to fit in therapy (let’s face it, you’re busy enough as it is).

  2. The teachers and other kids can learn activities and skills to continue those activities between therapies (an opportunity for the teachers and kids to ask questions and learn more about the person receiving the therapy).

  3. Sometimes when kids are away from their parents, they focus more on the therapy and can take part in the activities just like any other school task.

Why is physiotherapy at home beneficial to my child? 

Some would say it’s beneficial to both the child and the parent. If you don’t have to worry about going anywhere, it saves you the added stress and time of making appointments.

It’s also really nice for your child to be in their normal comfortable environment so they are familiar with their surroundings and it’s more relaxing for everyone involved. When we are more relaxed and happy, we are more receptive to the physiotherapy activities required.

We can see how your child conducts their everyday activities so that we can work with the areas that may need more help. For instance, we notice your child can’t get into a chair on their own so we will work on that or suggest other chairs that will help your child progress and gain the ability to sit into their chair on their own. Sometimes noticing the missing stepping stone makes a big difference in helping your child reach their goals (and gain the confidence to be able to do it if given the right tools and time).

I like doing our physiotherapy sessions at a clinic. Does Upside Kids Physio have a clinic we can come to? 

Of course, doing your physiotherapy sessions at our clinic in Ashmore is always an option. We have it all set up for our clients and have access to a lot of resources.

Full Service Physiotherapy Means Everyone is Happier

In any environment you choose to have your physiotherapy sessions, Britt at Upside Kids Physio will always put in extra effort to make sure your child is happy and settled. She will build a nice rapport with your child and make adjustments to the activities when needed. This flexibility and friendliness is what makes Upside Kids Physio a great choice for your family.

At the end of the day – everyone is happier!

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